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GQA Celebration for 30 Years’ Service

GQA Office / Finance Manager, Caroline Kershaw, or Caz as she likes to be known, is this month celebrating 30 years-service to the Glass Industry.

Caroline started work on the 1st April 1988 for GTL (Glass Training Limited) and when GQA was formed in 2002, she moved across to Solly Street to work with GQA in their first home.

Speaking to Caroline about her years of service she said

“It’s been a true privilege working for both GTL and GQA and watching GQA go from strength to strength and sharing my 30 year service milestone with GQAs best year”

GQA CEO, Mick Clayton, commented “it’s not often that you see this length of service these days. Caroline is a fine ambassador for those working behind the scenes to enable people development and recognition to take place within industry. Having worked with Glass Training Limited and then moving across to the newly-formed GQA, she is as passionate and committed as anyone to GQA’s aims and objectives and I know that those she has worked with in the past, and continues to work with now, value her approach.”

A presentation took place at the 50th Board Meeting, where Directors and staff showed their appreciation for Caroline’s years of hard work and dedication to the industry.

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