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GQA’s End Point Assessment Service Gets First Candidates in England Over The Line For Level 3 Print Technician Apprenticeship Standard.

 GQA Qualifications, the awarding body for the print industry, has provided end-point assessment as part of a major milestone for apprentices in the sector. As a result, England now has its first four candidates to be certified to the government’s Level 3 Print Technician Apprenticeship Standard.

All four apprentices are employed by Clays Ltd, the major books producer based in Suffolk. In order to qualify for the apprenticeship standard the candidates were put through their paces over 26 months by the training provider, Learn2Print. GQA’s end-point assessment service then required the learners to complete a multiple-choice knowledge test, be observed carrying out a range of print activities, and take part in a 90-minute, one-to-one guided discussion on the work they had carried out as print industry apprentices.

Commenting on the apprentices’ achievement, Sean Hayes, GQA’s Operations Manager said:

“The print industry has always made training and career progression a priority, which is a very positive thing for its employees and standards generally. Over the past twelve years, GQA has developed the range of qualifications that the industry has to offer. Now, to be involved with helping to get these first candidates over the line and formally certified to the Level 3 Print Technician Apprenticeship Standard is extremely gratifying. They are to be congratulated, and we wish them every success in their future careers.”

Speaking on behalf of Clays Ltd, the apprentices’ employer, Kurt Townsend, the company’s Web Room Manager, said:

“Here at Clays we value the development of the skills of our staff enormously. Our apprentices are given the best opportunities we can offer in order to optimise their careers. We are proud of our four members of staff who have achieved this industry milestone. Congratulations to Christopher Spears, Danny Sturman, Harry Wilson and Rickie Jones.”

Jon Bray of one of the leading national training providers, Learn2Print says:

“It has been a really interesting couple of years implementing the latest printing qualification, the Print Technician Standard. All four of the learners along with the staff have worked hard to ensure the qualification met both employer and employee needs. The learners have all worked extremely hard and I think the results demonstrate effort and commitment.”

“My congratulations go too to those successful candidates. Hopefully, this now paves the way for other people wishing to gain this type of certification. The Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard for Print Technicians is suitable for those wishing to work within the printing industry, whether that be as a pre-press operative, machine printer or print finisher. This apprenticeship provides candidates with all the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for a successful print-related career. Classes with our highly experienced tutors provide the underpinning knowledge required, whilst dedicated employers like Clays Ltd offer access to hands-on practical training and invaluable experience in the print industry. Our partnership with GQA Qualifications as independent end-point assessor completes the picture.”

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