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GQA reports continued expansion of its work in Saudi Arabia where it offers a wide range of qualifications to enable companies in the kingdom to develop the skills they need. But while this general business landscape is noteworthy, it is the personal stories of individuals supported and developed by the organisation’s qualifications and accredited training opportunities that are of particular interest. One such example is that of Waleed Al Obaid. Waleed is part of the welding assessment team with EnergyTech, a leading provider of high-quality training in Petroleum & Energy Services.

Simon Smith, GQA’s EQA/ Technical Officer explains:

“We have supported Waleed in his career development in a number of ways. He first gained his PEO (Performing Engineering Operations) in 2019, and then went on to further his career with the Arabian Drilling Company (ADC). Duties with ADC included weld technician, and then becoming part of the maintenance team of all operations.

“He felt that he’d built up enough skills and knowledge over the 4 years he was with the company to return to education, and – in his words – he wished to ‘give something back’ by returning to EnergyTech and passing on his knowledge. In 2023 he completed an A1 award with GQA, which enabled him to assess candidates. He has since been allocated a spot in further education to do a degree in Business Administration, so it will be exciting to see where that goes. Within his family, quality assurance in careers plays a key role at a very high level. For example, his father’s work, as Brigadier General is held in high regard in Saudi Defence Service, and it’s made his family proud to see his achievements, just as we are at GQA when we see the qualifications he’s gained at such a young age. The thirst for learning, I imagine, will stay with Waleed for a long time. GQA wishes him all the best for the future.”

Waleed comments:

“I was guided well when I was a student at SPSP (now EnergyTech) and properly challenged when working to achieve qualifications with GQA. Also, I enjoyed the structure of the training too.”

 With a proven track record of providing high quality training support for the Oil and Gas industry in Saudi Arabia, GQA’s qualifications and accredited training opportunities span seventeen sectors including construction, glass, building envelope, nuclear, petrochemical, polymer, water treatment, laboratory operations and engineering.

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