GQA Level 4 Diploma in Occupational Leadership in a Glass or Glass Related Working Environment

Course reference 600/9176/9
Course Level GQA Level4
this qualification is available in
Northern Ireland
who is this qualification for?

This qualification is aimed at those who have the responsibility and/or opportunity for providing leadership in a Glass or Glass Related working environment .This qualification is at Level 4, although some units may be at different levels.
Level 4 qualifications are aimed at those who are fully trained and experienced in a wide range of roles that involve decision making.
Candidates will require knowledge of Health and Safety and environmental issues in their part of the Glass Industry along with the need to understand the importance of keeping their own and others skills and knowledge current.
The qualification has been written in a way that will require the candidate to also prove knowledge of technical matters and how to make improvements to the business as a whole and individuals within the business. This may be in terms of identifying potential for improvements in working practices and procedures of themselves, individuals, departments and processes and procedures.
Although the qualification would be ideally suited to Business Owners this is not the only group of people it could be taken by, nor is it restricted to those with managerial responsibility but Candidates must ensure they will have the opportunity to produce the required evidence.
Due to the wide range of job roles and the diverse nature of organisations in the Glass Industry it is difficult to give a definitive list of job roles the qualification may be appropriate for.
Some possible examples of job titles are shown below.
• General Manager • Team Leader • Operations Manager • Site Manager • Department /Process Manager • Production Coordinator • Supervisor • Line Manager

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