GQA Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Glass Processing

Course reference 500/7822/7
Course Level GQA Level2
this qualification is available in
Northern Ireland
who is this qualification for?

This qualification is aimed at those who undertake work to produce products from glass and related materials in the glass processing sector. This covers the handling of products throughout the process. Units in this qualification cover cutting, shaping, assembling, and finishing the products, including decoration. It is not expected that glass processors all do the same activities: the qualification is structured to ensure that there is a high degree of flexibility in the qualification.
The standard covers the most important aspects of the job. This qualification is at Level 2, although there may be units at different levels, and should be taken by those who are fully trained to deal with routine assignments. Candidates should require minimum supervision in undertaking the job.
Other qualifications are available in Flat Glass Manufacturing, Glass Container Manufacturing and Glass Container
Candidates for this qualification will primarily be:
• working in glass processing operations and working with glass and glass-related materials or semi-finished
Candidates are likely to have jobs entitled:
• Autoclave Operator • Leaded Light Maker
• Cold End Operator • Packing Operator
• Craft Glass Worker • Polisher
• Double Glazing Unit Maker • Processor
• Engraver • Safety Glass Maker
• Glass Blower • Sealed Unit Maker
• Glass Cutter • Scientific Glass Blower
• Glass Decorator • Screen Printer
• Glass Painter • Toughener
• Glass Processor • Warehouse Operator
• Laminated Glass Manufacturer • Window Film Applicator

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