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Postal Issues

We know that a number of our centres and other stakeholders are experiencing difficulties with the delivery of GQA post. We are now receiving calls into the office on a daily basis reporting the non-delivery of cards that we are sending out, a major concern especially as a significant number are sent out as recorded mail.

Firstly, please let us assure you that cards are still being sent out in line with our agreed timescales, and, as we always do, we are monitoring our own performance to ensure that we are not the cause of any delay.  Please do keep letting us know if you experience problems.

The issues are being caused by the postal service, whose performance is negatively impacting many businesses, as well as individuals, across the UK currently.  Indeed you may have seen the edition of Panorama on the BBC this week highlighting the problems

Among the ways we can try to avoid the issue is by moving our card/certificate offering to a digital version, and there will be further information about this very soon. It doesn’t get around the issues of the post for cards and certificates immediately, but it is a very positive first step that will remove some of the problem going forward.

We are obviously disappointed that you are experiencing these issues, but please be assured that we are doing everything we can to try and find short, medium and long term solutions to something that has far reaching implications for us all.

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