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Mick Clayton takes on the Marie Curie Challenge

CEO Mick Clayton has taken on the challenge of completing 3,000 push ups during May in aid of Marie Curie UK.  Speaking about the challenge Mick said, “we all know the fantastic work that organisations like Marie Curie do and also how like so many others they have suffered during the pandemic in terms of being able to raise funds the way they would normally do”.

“So, I thought about what I could do to offer some support? Through the lockdown I have been doing push ups most days just as a way of keeping myself active (running doesn’t float my boat unless it’s after a football), and it seemed like this was as good a way as any to do something.  So, I decided to take on the Marie Curie UK challenge for May of doing 3,000 push ups and set a financial target to hit to raise some money”.

“I have to say I’m enjoying the challenge, and now that we have been able to start getting out again, I’ve been doing some just about everywhere I go…most recently while walking in the peaks.  I can cope with the funny looks from passers-by knowing it’s all for a particularly good cause!”

You can follow Mick’s progress on social media @gqaquals and if you would like to donate, please do so through

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