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GQA NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Cavity wall extraction occupations

Course reference 603/4678/4
Course Level GQA Level2
this qualification is available in
Northern Ireland
who is this qualification for?

This is a work-based learning qualification for those involved in cavity wall surveys/inspections and/or clearance. The qualification has been developed at the request of, and in partnership with, OSCAR,
The OSCAR and this qualification are recognised by a number of UKAS Certification bodies.
Prior to registering on this qualification, individuals must be registered with OSCAR.
The clearance pathway enables individuals to carry out the extraction of cavity wall insulation to create a clear cavity that can be reinsulated or insulated if the system has been used to remove debris only. Candidates must also prove knowledge and competence to create a clear cavity to be able to facilitate External Rendering and External Wall Insulation complying with current Building Regulations. All work must be completed following safe working practices, relevant legislation, and comply with contract information and the allocated timescales. The survey/inspection pathway requires candidates to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to interpret information to be able to carry out a Cavity Clearance survey in accordance with the job specifications, following safe working practices and within the allocated time. The Surveyor must also understand how to communicate with others to ensure work is carried out effectively. This pathway includes identifying and selecting the correct quality of equipment, additionally candidates must understand how to calculate quantity, area and wastage.
To achieve this pathway unit the survey work must be carried out in ways that will minimise the risk of damage to the work and surrounding area and using and maintaining equipment effectively. This qualification is made up of 3 mandatory units and 2 pathways. Candidates must complete the mandatory units and one or both of the pathways. The minimum credit value of this qualification is 24 credits.
There is also an entirely optional additional unit, if achieved this will appear on the qualification certificate but does not count towards the minimum credit value of the qualification. Qualifications are now required to indicate the total qualification time (TQT), this is to show the typical time it will take someone to attain the required skills and knowledge to meet the qualification criteria, this qualification has a TQT of 240 hours. Qualifications are also required to indicate the number of hours of teaching someone would normally need to gain the skills and knowledge to achieve the qualification. These are referred to as Guided Learning Hours (GLH). The GLH for this qualification is 84.

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