Caroline Kershaw

Office/Finance Manager
April 1988 from the former NTO Glass Training Ltd
Caroline Kershaw’s role at GQA

As Finance and Office Manager I have an overall view of everything going on in the business. My main role on a daily basis is in relation to accounts including Credit Control, Sales and Purchase Ledgers. It’s fair to say that keeps me busy! I also manage the administration team in the office ensuring that they are all fully aware of the roles they are required to perform and listening to their views of how things can be done better or more efficiently. We are all committed to being better all the time and in a business like ours there are often major positive changes which requires us to be flexible and dynamic in our thinking.

Even after being with the company for over 30 years there is still much to learn and as the company develops it keeps my role exciting and challenging.
I also support the CEO in terms of business performance reporting and advice as well as helping with strategic thinking when possible.

What is the biggest challenge:

Managing all the tasks I have to do each month in the time I have to do it, and then starting all over again once month end has been completed. People are always saying time just goes faster and faster and some days it certainly seems like that!

Tell us something you enjoy about your job

I have never not wanted to come to work. I love my job and work with a great team. The people are the most important part of any business.

Tell us about someone or something which has inspired you in your life

My dear old nan. She has helped me become the person I am today. The funniest lady I have ever met.

Tell us one thing about yourself which most people don’t know….

I can’t bear the thought or the taste or the look of Green (Stringy) Beans

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