Emma Barnsley

Awards, Systems and Communications Officer
Joined the company May 2008
Emma Barnsley’s role at GQA

I have a very varied role at GQA! As well as being responsible for actioning registrations, and requests for certificates I also have responsibility for actioning communications with our centres, now close to 200 in number. I get heavily involved with organising company events and conferences and it is always great to be out meeting the people I talk to every day, when they attend these functions. I am also responsible for the maintenance of our buildings, which often throws up new and unexpected challenges!

Tell us something you enjoy about your job

I really enjoy working with a close-knit team, aka the GQA family. I enjoy my job so much more because of how great a team we have here at GQA.

Tell us about someone or something which has inspired you in your life

Having my son makes me want to be the best I can be and makes you realise how precious life really is.

Tell us one thing about yourself which most people don’t know

I would love to own my own baker/cake shop one day. While many people stress out at the thought of cooking and baking I do it to get rid of stress, I love it!

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