Mark Simpson

Technical Officer
Joined the company – 2/9/19
Marks Simpson’s role at GQA

Along with my colleague Shaun Bentley I am a relatively new recruit to GQA having joined in September 2019. My days currently involve learning how to become a trainer myself so that I can then go into our approved centres and work with their staff and help them deliver training.

A big advantage for me is that for many years I have been involved in fabrication, survey and installation of windows and doors, and this practical hands on background in the industry has given me great knowledge and experience. I am a part of the team which is developing and managing the Building Our Skills Academy building in Sheffield where people can receive hands on as well as theoretical training in all aspects of the industry, and this is really enjoyable.

Along with my colleagues I am on hand to answer any technical questions which come into the office and to the wider team. I am looking forward to getting fully up to speed with everything GQA and making a great contribution to the success of the business.

What is the biggest challenge/most important thing you do in your job

Biggest challenge so far is understanding all the information I am being given on a daily basis about the Education system

Tell us something you enjoy about your job

Meeting new people and learning about a completely new side of the Fenestration Industry.

Tell us about someone or something which has inspired you in your life.

People who have a dream and do everything possible to achieve it are my inspiration. Not always famous people but people like my old my old Manager Ryan Green who dreamed of owning his own business and did everything possible to achieve it. He has now grown the small business he bought into a multi-million-pound glass company. My own daughter who dreamed of being a World Champion Gymnast and through sheer guts and determination achieved it by the age of 14. My Father in Law who dreamed of owning and renovating vintage cars and despite the protests from his wife achieved it and went on to win many awards. This list goes on and on……………

Tell us one thing about yourself which most people don’t know

Despite owning a home in France, I speak very very little French (But I’m trying to learn)

If there is anything else you would like to add about yourself or your job please do so here

Lifelong and third generation Barnsley Football Club Fan. (Up The Reds)

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