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Absolute Training qualifies two new installers

GQA Approved Centre Absolute Training Solutions Limited has qualified two new installers for Shropshire based Severn Valley Window and Door Limited.

Severn Valley Window and Door Limited was established in 2006 and specialise in the fabrication of quality aluminium windows and doors and the installation and maintenance of commercial aluminium, UPVC and steel windows and doors. The factory is based in Bridgenorth but operate throughout the Shropshire area.

Prior to the lockdown early in 2020 they were about to start training two new installers and wanted them to have formal qualifications delivered by Absolute Training Solutions.  The process was delayed, but once lockdown started to ease and Covid safe working processes were established and implemented, the programme was commenced.

Statement from Severn Valley Window and Door

Kinzie Hawkings (General Manager) – At Severn Valley Window and Door we are proud to have a highly qualified and experienced team.  We continually invest in our staff to make sure they have the skills and qualifications to do the best job for our clients.  The GQA Qualification provides us with the necessary NVQ Level 2 certification which is wholly relevant to our industry. Although difficult times, the course was delivered safely, efficiently and on time, enabling us to continue to work towards our plan for future staff development.

Statement from Absolute Training Solutions Ltd:

Sean Monaghan (Director) – Severn Valley Windows and Doors Ltd are an ideal employer who invest in their staff development and ensure their employees progress within their job roles. The two new members of staff were provided with the training and development required to become key members of the installation team. The evidence provided by the installers was of a high standard and the EQA has highlighted the work as best practice to use in future delivery. It is great to see employers such as Severn Valley Windows and Door Ltd continuously use GQA qualifications as the way to develop their staff and meet industry standards.

Statements from the learners

Owen Keen (Learner) – I chose to take up the qualification in Fenestration installation as I was made redundant during the first lockdown and seeing the opportunity arise, I knew I had to take it and I don’t regret it. Of course, the current situation made learning a bit more difficult but with constant communication with Paul my tutor, any questions I had got answered very quickly. I was more than happy with the results; I can’t thank Absolute Training Solutions Ltd and the team enough.

James Marfleet (Learner) – I was motivated to apply for the course as I wanted to progress within my career as a window and door installer. I joined the company in 2019 as I wanted to work in construction and focus on a sector I was interested in. The pandemic delayed my qualification, but I was happy to finally start in September 2020. The NVQ has helped me improve as an installer and I am very happy with the outcome. I have gained knowledge in Health and Safety and Building Regulations as my tutor provided me with an assignment that I enjoyed completing on work I have carried out and the relevant building regulations involved. I was very happy with the support I received from my employer and my tutor including advice and guidance on the alternative assessment methods and Health and Safety.


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