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GQA accredited as EPAO for Automotive Glazing

GQA Qualifications Limited, the leading provider of qualifications for the Automotive Glazing sector has been approved as an End Point Assessment Organisation for the new government Apprenticeship Standard.

The Government has changed the face of Apprenticeships, putting Employers in much greater control of the content. In the new form Apprentices will undergo structured training by a combination of their Employer and a Training Provider, but after that has been completed a separate organisation who has had nothing to do with the Apprentice’s training will carry out an assessment of skills and knowledge against the Apprenticeship Standard.

Following a robust and challenging application process to the Institute for Apprenticeships (IFA), GQA
Qualifications has been approved as an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for the newly approved Level 3 Standard in Automotive Glazing. GQA Qualifications has been involved in Automotive Glazing since the early 90s with their qualifications used by many of the Employers in the industry as proof of competence.

Sean Hayes, GQA Operations Manager said “The opportunity to apply to become an EPAO was very appealing as we at GQA believe in training and Apprenticeships. The application was understandably very in depth and we had to demonstrate our ability to be able to deliver consistent high-quality assessment”.

“One of the most important aspects of any assessment is the occupational competence and background of the individuals making the assessment decisions. I identified three highly experienced individuals to carry out the EPAO for GQA, who along with myself have a combined total of over 120 years industry experience, all three very quickly agreed they would be delighted to take up this role with us. The hard work continues now as we develop
test and assessment material and begin the dialogue with Industry to deliver the End Point Assessment”

“Prior to joining GQA I spent over 30 years in the Automotive Glazing industry for one of the major Employers in the industry. Since joining GQA I have worked across all aspects of the Glass industry but still have a real passion for Automotive Glazing. Being in the position I am it has been great to work with Employers to update our qualifications to keep them fit for purpose and offer compliance solutions. We recently added units within our qualifications to cover ADAS and Electric/Hybrid vehicle awareness and will continue to look at other
relevant content”

For more information please contact Sean Hayes by email to

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