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Demonstrating perfectly the way that GQA’s ‘Bespoke Qualification’ service operates is work done recently with Schüco UK Ltd, one of the leading suppliers of high-quality system solutions for windows, doors façades, sliding systems, security technology and sun shading.

When Schüco wished to create a curtain wall theory Level 2 award, tailored to the needs of its curtain wall installers to back up its existing practical training course, the company turned to this specialist service from the fenestration industry’s leading awarding and qualifications-writing organisation.

GQA’s Bespoke Qualification service is aimed at employers who wish to be able to offer those staff and customers undertaking very specific roles the opportunity to work towards gaining a qualification where one does not already exist. The service is perfect for niche specialist areas, which do not lend themselves to meeting the required content of a standard regulated qualification.

Grenville Bramley, Training and Development Manager at Schüco UK Ltd explains:

“We knew that if we got this right the award would act as an excellent means of CPD for our curtain wall installers, thereby helping to raise and maintain standards. It is wonderful to help to develop the skills and expertise of our installers in this way. It’s good for the installers, and in turn helps us to differentiate ourselves from competitors. At the end of the process, installers qualifying for the award receive a certificate carrying the GQA logo alongside our own, which we find candidates prefer.

“The whole process of putting together the bespoke qualification was straightforward, and resulted in the development of a close partnership with GQA. Initially, we sketched out our course material and then worked with GQA to ensure its suitability. Then we created the exam and went through it with them to check it was pitched at the right level. Having been audited carefully by GQA we have the confidence that the new, tailored qualification is fit for purpose.

“Having the bespoke qualification that is audited by GQA stands us apart from other companies who simply offer their staff their own training. In the future, I believe Schüco could develop more of them so that candidates can cherry pick what they need and put them together to create something very special. In the short-term the company will develop at least two more.”

Commenting on its Bespoke Qualification the service, GQA’s EQA/Technical Officer, Martin Sadler says:

“It is disappointing when people in specific, specialist job functions are not able to develop their careers by working towards achieving a qualification because a relevant regulated option is not available. This is where our Bespoke Qualification service can help. Developing a qualification tailored specifically to them, which carries the approval of GQA, means that employees can fully prove their competency, and employers can put into place for them a career progression route. Once developed, the qualification is exclusive to the employers concerned.”

In addition to its Bespoke Qualification service GQA also offers one in ‘Accredited Training’. Together, the two specialist services are helping the fenestration industry to develop training solutions tailored to the specific needs of employers and their staff. The two initiatives mean that employers can create and accredit in house developed training courses and learning programmes in addition of course to utilising existing qualifications.

GQA’s Accredited Training service is aimed at employers in the industry who want to have their in-house training endorsed by GQA Qualifications and gives them the opportunity to deliver training that focuses on candidates’ particular needs specific to their role with the employer.

GQA has close to 200 qualifications covering a broad variety of sectors. The fenestration industry, just like any other, needs training solutions tailored to its specific needs. The organisation’s services are helping to facilitate this, and are contributing to raising standards and assisting in shaping careers.

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