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GQA’s processes and documentation have been given the thumbs up by the Institute for Apprentices and Technical Education (IfATE). The fenestration industry’s leading awarding and qualifications-writing organisation has undergone an end point assessment audit, carried out by Open Awards, the external quality assurance provider appointed by IfATE, which resulted in a positive report.

Commenting on the audit, GQA’s Operations Manager, Sean Hayes said:

“Although we are not allowed to divulge the specific content of the report, I am able to say that we are extremely pleased that Open Awards’ very robust auditing process has resulted in positive feedback.

“The end point assessment audit covered how GQA appraises students at the end of a training period to prepare them for the end point assessment activities. It scrutinised how we liaise with training providers; the methods we use to ensure fairness, consistency and thoroughness; our programme of training from end to end; how past assessments have been carried out; our intentions regarding future assessments; the general expertise of our staff; and the feedback received from stakeholders.

“The comments we received from Open Awards gave us great assurance that GQA meets the requirements of IfATE, and we look forward to continuing to provide this high standard of provision in both apprenticeships and vocational learning in all our sectors.”

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