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New Podcast LIVE here

The second in the series of the Big Green Q and A Podcasts ‘Second Chances’ is now LIVE for people to listen to below.

Dan Brown and Simon Smith from GQA were joined by Paul Walmsley from Nobody Left Behind and Amina Bodhania from Novus – Foundations for Change.

In the latest podcast ‘Second Chances’ the team delve into the disconnect that some students encounter within the education system, examining the underlying reasons and the tempting influence of negative peers that can steer them toward criminal activities. 

Additionally, they will scrutinize the journey of individuals serving sentences in prisons, drawing parallels between learning, social disconnection, and the role of education in rehabilitation. Education becomes a crucial aspect in preparing those leaving prison for swift job acquisition, ultimately reducing the risk of reoffending. Moreover, the team highlight success stories—individuals successfully reached, who have transformed adversity into positivity, cultivating fulfilling careers that bring positive change and stability into their lives.

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