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GQA welcomes news of a surge in job opportunities for glaziers, window fabricators and installers. Reported at, it is understood that total job posts in these categories were up by just over 111% between June and September.

Commenting on the rise in opportunities in the fenestration sector, Shaun McAllister Director for GQA Qualifications, the industry’s leading awarding body said:

“This independent report provides evidence to support the impression of a resurgence in activity in the fenestration sector that we began to have once the restrictions of lock-down were lifted in June. There has been plenty of hearsay about the uptick in work, and it is very encouraging that this report bears out what is being surmised generally.  The growth in demand for glaziers, window fabricators and installers is great news. It also underlines the need we have to bring more people into the fenestration industry and to upskill existing industry employees in order to raise standards and support career development.

“The timing could not be better for our partners at the Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration a Career of Choice campaign. Building Our Skills has just announced the launch of a practical training programme. The programme includes an introduction to the Fenestration Industry, an introduction to window and door installation, guidance on how to adhere to the Building Regulations plus the opportunity to gain a health and safety qualification and ultimately a CSCS card.

“For anyone considering entering the fenestration industry or wondering about whether they should seek out training to further enhance their skills I would say now is a great time to go for it. They are welcome to talk to the team here at GQA Qualifications who will be more than happy to provide advice, and answer any questions on the best route forwards or directly to the team at Building Our Skills.”

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