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WARNING – FAKE CSCS cards in Circulation

GQA Qualifications has identified a new style of fake CSCS card that is currently in circulation, and site managers are urged to be extra vigilant when granting access to construction sites.

Fake cards are not a new phenomenon, and the vigilance of construction site management teams can prevent unqualified workers from gaining access to their sites when they present a fake card.  

The fake card currently in circulation can be identified due to the poor quality of the GQA logo, the different style of CSCS hologram (coloured instead of silver), fonts and text alignment, and the clarity of the background on the card design, though to the untrained eye the fake card may pass initial scrutiny.

The problem is made worse by the fact that the fraudsters behind the scam have also developed a background website which provides training and qualifications records for the individual named on the card, meaning when the QR code on the card is scanned it appears to link back to genuine records. 

To combat this fraud, and to ensure that only properly qualified workers are able to access site, GQA recommends the use of the recently released CSCS Smart Check app where site safety management teams can scan the QR code with the knowledge they will not be directed to fraudulent websites.

For further information or to report a fake GQA card, please contact GQA on 0114 2720033 or email

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