Sean Hayes

Operations Manager
Joined the company August 2009
Sean Hayes Role at GQA

My role at GQA includes a wide range of responsibilities. As Operations Manager I get involved in many day to day tasks as well as supporting our CEO with input on the strategic direction of the business, and vetting new opportunities which come to us from a range of sources in the industries we work with.

On a day to day basis I monitor the quality of delivery by our approved centres and review documentation and reports following visits to centres by our EQAs. It is my responsibility to review our existing qualifications and write new ones to grow our offering and meet industry demand; to handle queries related to CSCS Cards and to manage enquiries from current and potential centres. On top of that I have a team of dedicated professionals that I manage.

What is the biggest challenge/most important thing you do in your job

Perhaps my biggest challenge is planning what I aim to do tomorrow and then plan again when things change! They always do. I think the most important part of my role is helping to widen awareness of The Big Green Q and help uphold our reputation and integrity in the industries we work in. This can often entail giving someone an answer to a question that is not really what they want to hear but by doing it tactfully, sympathetically and yes, firmly, I always find they will respect our position.

Tell us something you enjoy about your job

Being able to provide solutions for Industry, Employers, Individuals, Centres and, last but by no means least, colleagues

Tell us about someone or something which has inspired you in your life

My parents always showed a great work ethic and I like to think I have followed suit. I may not always get everything right first time, but it will never be for lack of effort

Tell us one thing about yourself which most people don’t know

Not a lot of people are aware but back in the 1950s my dad won the title of Ireland’s Strongest Man for three consecutive years. In light of this you will not be surprised to learn my dad was the strongest man I have ever met. Two of his party pieces were garden based-he could sit in a wheelbarrow and wheel himself around the garden. He could also stand on a shovel and pick himself up. I know two or three other guys who can do that, but my dad was the only one who could pick himself up above his own head-had to be seen to be believed.

If there is anything else you would like to add about yourself or your job please do so here

Married for over 35 years, proud father of two amazing children and recently blessed with our first grandchild. After spending 30 years in Automotive Glazing it is still an industry I love to go back to occasionally. Keen football fan, Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester United.

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