Shaun Bentley

Technical Officer
Joined the company 2ND September 2019
Shaun Bentley’s role at GQA

As a relatively new recruit to GQA having joined in September 2019 my days currently involve learning how to become a trainer myself so that I can then go into our approved centres and work with their staff and see how they deliver training. A big advantage for me is my practical background in the industry which gives me great knowledge of the Fenestration sector, and I am on hand to answer any technical questions which come into the office and to the wider team. I am looking forward to getting fully up to speed with everything GQA and making a great contribution to the success of the business.

I am also a Building Our Skills Champion for GQA supporting the campaign efforts to ‘Make Fenestration a Career of Choice’ by trying to attract newcomers to the industry whilst upskilling those already working in it.

What is the biggest challenge/most important thing you do in your job

The biggest challenge is learning all the different tasks we’ve been asked to undertake, from working through the NVQ booklets to general building regulations. Being with GQA is a very different side of the fenestration industry to what I am used to, and it is presenting me a lot of new and exciting challenges.

The most important thing for me is helping other by growing their knowledge and seeing them get more confident over time makes my job worthwhile.

Tell us something you enjoy about your job

I like working in a team/group environment so we can bounce ideas off each other, and by working through problems you gain extra knowledge and confidence.

Tell us about someone or something which has inspired you in your life

My inspiration will always be my father from moving from Devon at eight years old to starting work as a 14 year old boy at the local pit. My dad didnt have a great start in life but with true grit and determination managed to achieve a lot in his working life, from working on Kylie Minogue’s music videos to lighting up the crown jewels.

Tell us one thing about yourself which most people don’t know….for example ‘I speak fluent Spanish’, in my spare time I like to paint’ etc etc

I used to compete in off road Moto X at a young age racing all over the country.

Moto X is a very hard sport to master so after many years I finally had to give it up after breaking nearly all the bones in my body at one point or another!!!!

If there is anything else you would like to add about yourself or your job please do so here

I used to manage a junior football team from the age 9 to 12 and I gained lots of enjoyment from doing this and miss it now, but I still get the opportunity to watch my son play every Sunday which helps!

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